Explorer 3 Heated Preformance Mittens

The coldest winter day on the mountain is no match for the MOUNT TEC Explorer 3 Performance gloves. The Howard Handware Heating System creates a hand-shape heating pattern that provides warmth throughout the entire length of each finger but also heats the back and palm sides of the glove surrounding your hand in warmth. This design can make your hands feel warm quickly, and pass heat to arms and the whole body, keeping you warm in frigid conditions. The portable lithium batteries make heat output and lasting time much longer, and can be charged by the equipped 2-plug charger. Explorer 3 Heated Performance gloves uses a simple temperature control button and can be set to 3 different temperatures or simply turned off without having to take off the glove.

Explorer 3 Heated Mittens and Gloves FAQ's

Q: What part of the hand does the heating element cover?
A: The heating element covers the palm, all fingers and thumb, which is an effective way to warm the entire hand.
Q: Can I purchase an extra set of batteries or just use standard batteries?
A: Extra batteries made specifically for this product are available on Amazon.com. Standard batteries will not work.
Q: Which way does the battery go in?
A: The battery goes into the pocket on the cuff sideways, with the plug connector going in last.
Q: Do I peel the blue wrapper off the batteries?
A: No, the blue wrapper layer stays on the battery.
Q: Can I return them after I charge the batteries and test out the heat?
A: Yes, but they should not be worn outside and must not show any visable signs of wear. All original materials must be included.

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